Hiking in Sulov mountains

in Sulov Mountains is possible throughout the whole year. Each season reveals another nature beauty – from the flowering meadows in spring, relaxed summer weather, over colorful autumn woods, up to snowy winter idyl. Small relevation gains and short distances make the area suitable also for untrained hikers, children and active seniors. On some places you will encounter ladders or chains to help you overcome problematic spots.

The medieval castle ruins Súľov, Lietava a Hričov are popular hiking destinations. All are freely accessible without a guide. You will mostly encounter remains of castle walls and windows built in between the actual rocks, but also splendid views on surrounding valleys. An ideal place for a break and a little snack.

Few tips and recommended equipment for hiking trips on marked routes:

  • Enough water and some snacks as there is no restaurant or buffet up in the mountains.
  • Solid hiking shoes as the terrain can be steep, exposed (on the castle ruins & view points) and gets slippery when wet (rocks, tree roots, mud).
  • Clothing which enables you to move freely and make a bigger step or climb higher stairs.
  • The trekking poles will make your hiking easier, but it's safer to use your hands on ladders and rocks.
  • Hiking Map, GPS or compass just in case.
  • A camera because there is a lot to see and admire :-)


Hiking in Sulov mountains